• They were people of God on the move
• They took people with them: “Come with us, we’ll do you good”
• Come with us, not to us. They people are on the move. There is an inheritance waiting.
• There is something unheard of ahead, we’re going there. Come with us.
If someone knocks on my door and ask me to go with them, I will first ask some questions:

1. Who are you?
• We are children of Abraham. God invited Abraham to go with Him. God said I’ll take you to a place. Abraham
believed God. God Started with one man but God has His eyes on all the earth, for all to become children of
God. Moses even though he could remain in the palace, saw treasures in the slave’s community, the children
of God, and decided rather to be with them.
• They were rescued slaves. God brought them out of Egypt through the red see. God told them to take a lamb
and when He sees the blood, He’ll passed over them – thus only the first born of the Egyptians died, but Israel
were saved through the blood of the lamb. Ultimately Jesus gave His blood and when God sees that blood on
our hearts, we are forgiven. As Israel, we were once slaves, now we are all free.
• God takes them to Sinai and makes a covenant with them. He calls them “His special treasure”. We are the
people of God, His special treasure”.

2. Where are you going?
• Psalms 1 is the 1st song of Moses. We going into a land. Into an inheritance. For them it was the land they
will inherent, for us it is a miniature picture of the Holy City. We need to go into all the world. All the earth
will be filled with the glory of the Lord. Come with us to experience what we experience. Live in what we
live in. Ps 2:8. God’s plan for us, is to be involved in all the nations. Where are we going? We’re going into
all the earth to preach the gospel. Matt. 28 “Go into all the nations…” At our workplace, home, city, etc.
Matt.24:14 “… then the end will come…”
• God wants a community. God wants a community that lives in contrast to the world. Live for one another.
When Peter preached 3000 people were added. Don’t just look in. Become part of the journey, don’t just
look in. We work together in community.
There are 2 cities: Babylon is on the one side, and the Holy City on the other. Which city are you in? Be added
to the people, come with us, don’t look in, rather tuck in, we going to the Holy City. Babylon will end. The
Holy City will last forever.
• He takes us not only to the land, but he is taking us into the sanctuary. From rebellion to worshiper. Now we
are God’s temple. We are not confined to a venue. We are the worshippers in spirit and in truth. Ephesians
2:21 We going into all the land, we going to build community and we going to worship Him.

3. What happens when I join you?
• Come into the body and you can be “eyes” for us. You have a part to play in the body. We all come, we all
have a part to play.
You not taking over, you only coming to play your part.

4. Why are you so confident?
• Because the Lord promised us good.
• There is faithfulness, renewing grace, He who began the good work in you will be faithful to complete it.
God’s on the move and we’re just moving with Him. Nations change when God steps in.
• God’s preparing a people and want you to be part of it.
• The invitation is here. Come with us, we’ll do you good. We carrying God’s history “His-Story” into all nations.