Acts 27 – the merchant, the military, the majority and the man of God

There are many stories and all sorts of advice going around the internet at this time, but at this time be careful who you listen to. Are you listening to the merchants, the military, the majority or the man of God?

The Merchant – Concerned with profit
The Military – Concerned with power
The Majority – Concerned with popularity
The Man of God – Concerned for people

4 simples pieces of advice from Paul’s example:
Listen to me (Use this time to look at some of Paul’s writings, Romans, Ephesians, Galatians)
Take courage (Courage comes from a man who is in a deep relationship with God.)
Stay close (Stay close to the promises, the people of God, the church God has put you in)
Break bread (Start new habits in your home by honouring Christ for everything that he’s done)