Repent because God is near.
Repentance is not saying sorry; it means getting a new brain. Change the way we think and see things differently.
We mustn’t think out of the box, we must think as if there is no box.
Where we are, we can release the Kingdom. We ask Jesus to unlock the Kingdom but He has given us the keys!
Jesus did everything else – “It is Finished”. Then He gave us the keys to unlock it.
God qualified anybody who is in Christ to inherit His promises. We don’t qualify ourselves. Inheritance is not something you work for, someone else worked for it.
Jesus earned it and we got it when Jesus died as an inheritance.
Col 1:11-14 – he HAS qualified you
Rom 8:16-17
Heb 11:39-40 – Abraham had not received his promise because Jesus had not died yet. Heb 9:16-18 – When Jesus died, we got access to our inheritance.
Prodigal son – older brother did not understand that he did not have to work for his inheritance.
Access to our inheritance comes by FAITH!
We are qualified by our belief in the finished work of Christ.
Rom 4:13-16 – If you believe in Jesus you are an heir of Jesus and an heir of the promises made to Abraham.
If we come in the name of Jesus, the Father will give us what we ask for.
Rom 9:30-31 – Israel were trying to attain righteousness by keeping the law (older brother).
It doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter how I live! God gives us the power to live a life that is pleasing to God.
2 Cor 1:18 – We say Amen not by our own works but through Christ and what He has done. On this basis we have access to every promise because Jesus has taken every curse on Him.
You have access to your inheritance if you believe! We don’t ask in our name; we ask in Jesus’ name!