Exodus 3:7-8

What do we learn about God’s heart and intentions from this text? (rescue & bless)

OUT OF = Rescue (deliverance)
INTO = Blessing (inheritance)

Main theme = The motivation for living well is found in the ‘OUT OF’ and ‘INTO’ reality of God’s saving work.

NT text that supports this notion; 1 John 3:2-3
OUT OF = ‘we are children of God’
INTO = ‘we shall be like him’

What happens when we put our hope in these two things? (righteous living is an inevitable consequence = ‘all who have this hope, purify themselves’)

What happens when we focus on righteous living directly? (we become religious)

How does focusing on the cross of Christ (OUT OF) and the future inheritance (INTO) impact our lives when it comes to things like Identity, Intimacy, Purity, Humility and Security?