Presence and Purpose of God.- Story of the golden calf

Ex 32:1-3 the Israelites waited long for Moses to come down from the mountain and instead of waiting, they ended up doing their own thing. Vs6 the people rose early to sacrifice.

Outside the presence of God: Aaron said: “Take off your earrings” = lead to idolatry and bondage.
In the presence of God: God said to Moses “take off your shoes” = lead to deliverance.

Do not pursue the Purposes of God without the Presence of God.

Ex 33:1 Go to the land I promised. I will give it to your descendants. Vs3. “but I will not go with you!!” Vs 4 they mourned and no one put on ornaments. Vs 6 they stripped off their ornaments. THEN in Numbers 9 – God leads them in a pillar of cloud by day, pillar of fire by night. They learned to wait and only move when the presence of God moves.

7 pictures of when we pursue the presence of God:

1. Ex 33:19 God will cause goodness to pass in front of you… Vs34:6 The Lord, the Lord….
2. Ex 34:10 I’m making a covenant with you. … look what I will do for you …
3. Ex 35:2 commands of the Lord. When to work and when to rest. God knows what we need.
4. On the mountain God spoke to Moses 40 times about Aaron. God dreams about you. Like Aaron, do we sometimes exchange the presence of God for counterfeit. Let the presence of God bring God’s purposes.
5. Ex 33:8 the people stood at the entrance to their tents when they saw Moses. When they saw the pillar of cloud, Ex 33:10 They stood and worshiped. Leaders, as Moses, we need to usher in the presence of God.
6. Vs 11. Young aide Joshua didn’t leave his tent. Moses had a generational impact.
7. In the presence of the Lord: Ex 36:4, 5 the people brought to the Lord. In the purposes of the Lord: Ex 35:10 skilled workers came and did the work to the Lord.