The high priest in Exodus is a shadow of our High Priest – Jesus Christ. The High Priest is not the pastor. The High Priest is Christ.

Ex 39 – The robe of the high priest

– BLUE = the color of heaven.
– PURPLE = represents the king
– SCARLET = color of blood

All 3 points to Jesus.

Breast piece of double folded Gold to show how valuable we are to God. Many kinds of stones
– All people close to Him
– God loves all kinds of people.
– God always keeps us close to Him. Breast piece does not swing out . In difficult times we don’t feel close to God, that is only our perception. He is always close to us.

Why the turban / hat on his head? Your hair is your glory. Jesus had wavy black hair. Turban over it hides it. Turban covers your glory.
Jesus humbled himself and covered his glory.

Written on the forehead “HOLY TO THE LORD” – When we look at Jesus He confirms our destiny. Big shoulders – I’m carried there. I’m also carried on his chest (breastplate)

At the bottom, the garments surrounded by pomegranates and bells. There is Music and Fruit when we follow Jesus. We produce golden bells music and fruit filled seeds when we follow Jesus.

The most important women to Jesus was His mother. On the cross Jesus said: John, there is your mother and Mother there is your son. John lay on Jesus’ chest. Now the church is the most important women (His Bride) to Him. Who does He entrust this women (Bride) to? The ones who lie on his chest, you and I.

1. Sympathy: Heb. 4:14
Such a great High Priest, sympathies with our weaknesses. Weakness means cannot control it. It’s outside your control. In weakness cry out to the great High Priest. If it depends on men, they will buckle. This role is only for Jesus, not for anyone else, not even a leader in the church.

2. Wholeness: Heb. 7:23
Jesus saves to the uttermost. Even the worst of the sinners can be saved. Jesus saves completely.

3. Clear Conscience Heb. 9:14
The High Priest cleanses my conscience. If I am saved, I should have a clear conscience from sin I have confessed.

4. Sat Down: Heb. 10:11
In the Old testament, the high priest had to sacrifice Day after day, Again and Again. We don’t have to offer sacrifices day after day – that never takes away sin. Jesus did it once for all and He sat down. I was once dead in my transgressions but now I’m seated with Him in heavenly places next to the High Priest. When I sin He is seated, not pacing up and down anxiously. No priest or elder can ever take the place of the High Priest